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Closing Costs

These are various fees associated with buying or selling a home. Buyers and sellers both pay closing costs but who pays what costs varies from area to area.

Description Conforming Jumbo
Appraisal See Notes See Notes
Credit Report Included Included
Underwriting Included Included
Tax Service Included Included
Doc Prep. Included Included
Processing Included Included
Courier Included Included
Survey Included Included
Flood Cert. Included Included
Title Fees . Included Included
Escrow Fees. Included Included
Recording Fees. Included Included
Administration Fee $999.00 $999.00
Total $2,299.00 $2,299.00
Optima Special Offer $695.00* $995.00*

Closing Costs Specials!
Act Now with these Special Closing Cost Offers!

Conforming Jumbo
Loan Amount $150,000 - $322,000. (for refinances $175,000.00 - 322,700.00) Loan Amount is $322,700 - $650,000
Must Be in 15YR or 30YR Fixed Programs Must Be in 15YR or 30YR Fixed Programs
Must Be Purchase or Refinance Must Be Purchase or Refinance
No Cash Out No Cash Out
FICO Score Must Be 680+ (for refinances $720+) FICO Score Must Be 720+
Owner Occupied Owner Occupied
See notes and comments below See notes and comments below
Loan must meet the following conditions to qualify for the Special Closing Cost Offers.
* Note: Optima Capital Corp. guarantees its fees, but it can not warrant third party cost for escrow, title, attorney, insurance and other fees. ALL COST INCLUDED except for Appraisal fees.

Appraisal cost vary due to the location, size and value of the property.

On refinances borrower will pay for loan payoff cost charged by current lender on existing loans. These cost may include reconveyance fee, demand fee and other charges.

All rates, fees, and programs are subject to change without notice.

FNMA guidelines have changed for refinances above 70% LTV that involve payoff of equity lines of credit and seconds. These loans may be considered cash out even though borrower does not receive any cash at closing.
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